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Queens New Boiler Installation 

Installing Quality Boilers in Brooklyn 

It may often seem like there’s an HVAC company on every corner, but not many of them have several decades of experience. When searching for a dependable new boiler, seek out support from our technicians. Our consultants are happy to help with comprehensive advice and care for any make or model. Simply get in touch with our team at Brooklyn Queens HVAC to get started with a reliable new boiler installation in Queens.

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The Benefits of Having a Boiler Specialist Support a New Installation

One might expect that choosing a new boiler should be relatively easy – until seeing the huge range of options available. Whether viewing products in person or online, homeowners may have difficulty distinguishing among the many selections. Fortunately, having a knowledgeable boiler expert on hand can provide clarity about the best options to pick. One of our skilled techs can offer detailed advice about the various choices. 

There are lots of different factors to consider when it comes to having a new boiler installed, including:

  • The type of boiler, ranging from steam to hot water
  • Options for standard or high efficiency
  • Levels of maintenance required for optimal performance
  • The available budget for installation and typical utility bills
  • Different boiler brands
  • The amount of energy or fuel required to operate the system
  • How large the boiler is and whether it can be easily stored
  • The availability of a warranty 

How Long Will a New Boiler Last?

The question of a boiler’s lifespan is always at the forefront of any homeowner’s mind. After all, the system is a hefty investment. No one wants to buy a unit that will break down in a few years. However, determining the exact expiration for a boiler can be highly challenging. It firstly depends on the brand of the system. The model and make of a unit will affect not only the boiler’s efficiency but its survival rate as well. 

Of course, it is also important to remember that maintenance has a high influence on the life of a boiler as well. Even the best-rated units will not last as long as they are capable without regular tune-ups. Simply having a professional come by once a year will keep the boiler in better condition.

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Preparing for a Boiler Installation

Before a boiler has been installed, it is important to make sure that it is placed in an appropriate location. The floor must be completely level so that the unit is stable. The system must have access to both gas and water lines, as well as an electrical socket. It is also important to have a proper flue; otherwise, it will not have enough ventilation. Because so many things need to be aligned correctly before the boiler is installed, speak to a technician at Brooklyn Queens HVAC. 

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