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Routine Maintenance for Boilers in Brooklyn

Boilers are meant to be powerful pieces of equipment, providing dependable warmth for the coldest winter. However, these systems can only operate smoothly if they are well-maintained. It is important never to neglect boiler service and maintenance in Queens but schedule this support in advance. With more than 30 years of experience, we can provide prompt and effective care to all our clients. Because no one knows when a boiler emergency will strike, our devoted staff members always respond to phone calls rapidly. Let us help with our 24/7 support.

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What Are the Effects of Scale Buildup?

When people think about scale, they usually associate it with the white buildup that leaves traces on dishes or pipes. However, boilers are just as prone to suffering from scale deposits as well. Scale is technically any kind of calcium and magnesium salt that travels through water in dissolved form. As these salts get left behind, the carbonates dry out, creating a tough buildup on practically any kind of hard surface. Unfortunately, the interiors of boilers are highly susceptible to this accumulation.

As scale collects in the boiler and on the connections around it, this leads to a lot of unpleasant consequences. One major result is that the unit’s ability to transfer heat becomes obstructed. The boiler is required to work much harder to make up for the part with scale buildup. As the system is forced to run longer, this simultaneously raises the price of one’s monthly bills. To keep utility costs down, seek out maintenance cleaning from professionals on a regular basis.

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A Comprehensive Maintenance Tune-Up 

Every mechanical system requires occasional servicing to keep it in optimal condition. This rule certainly applies to boilers as well. By resolving minor issues as quickly as possible, homeowners can avoid an untimely breakdown. Speaking to a professional HVAC contractor is the best way of keeping a boiler running for a long time. 

During a comprehensive service inspection, residents can expect their technician to:

  • Examine the boiler’s heating components to look for any loose connections
  • Inspect the wiring to make sure none of it has corroded over time
  • Check to see that the pH levels are appropriately balanced
  • Thoroughly clean the heat exchanger 
  • Test the ignitor and flame sensors to make sure they are working well
  • Flush out the condensate system if it is clogged
  • Check whether any parts of the vents or terminations have been corroded or suffered deterioration
  • Inspect the burner assembly and fix any faulty part
  • Clear out the air inlets if they have become blocked by debris
  • Test the safety of the control settings and operational controls

Our specialists at Brooklyn Queens HVAC are ready to offer reliable care to extend a boiler’s lifespan to its max.

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