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A malfunctioning boiler is more than just an inconvenience, especially in the middle of winter. Even when a boiler stops working completely, our team at Brooklyn Queens HVAC is ready to help. With 24/7 support, we offer dependable emergency care for any type of boiler repair in Queens. All our certified technicians are insured, offering absolute assurance and peace of mind.

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The Signs of a Broken Boiler

Boilers are heavy-duty pieces of equipment, but they are still prone to failure. Keeping an eye out for when a boiler is malfunctioning is very important. At the first signs of trouble, it is time to reach out to a boiler professional for support.

Some of the clear signs that a boiler requires troubleshooting include:

  • Water leaking from the boiler – Even the smallest hairline crack can be a major issue when it is related to a boiler. These kinds of leaks can be dangerous on account of the extreme temperatures, and they should be fixed right away.
  • A problematic pilot light – If the light changes color or flickers, this is a major issue that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Alternatively, there may be a fault in the thermocouple sensor. Speaking to a professional quickly can prevent potential gas leaks that would be harmful to people at the site.
  • Lack of water pressure – To operate smoothly, a boiler must have a minimum level of water pressure. Otherwise, a safety switch will cut the boiler’s power. There are multiple reasons why the pressure may be low, ranging from a faulty expansion tank to an air leak. 
  • Strange sounds – Usually, a boiler will operate very quietly. If it is making noticeable noises, this could be a sign of several problems. Problematic sounds would include anything ranging from whistling to squealing, banging to hissing. Sometimes air may be escaping into the system, or perhaps there is an accumulation of harmful mineral or chemical deposits.
  • High gas or electric bills - When your boiler needs a repair, it is not as efficient at heating your home as it was before. This means that your boiler has to work harder to maintain the same level of heat, which uses more energy and raises your gas and electric bills. When a gas boiler is not operating at peak efficiency, it also may be releasing harmful emissions into the air.

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How a Boiler Repair Specialist Can Help

So many different things can go wrong with a boiler, but they all manifest themselves in the same way. For example, if a radiator is not heating all the way, this could be due to an accumulation of sludge within the unit. Such a problem would require total bleeding of the system, or perhaps even chemical flushing. However, the issue could also be due to a problematic boiler pump, or faulty controls. Sometimes the thermostat or timer may have failed from wear and tear over the years.

Since all these issues could cause the boiler to not work properly, it is hard to identify exactly what’s wrong. Fortunately, a boiler professional at Brooklyn Queens HVAC can locate the issue and pinpoint the best solution. 

Contact us at (718) 649-9000 or speak to one of our technicians online for dependable boiler repair in Queens.

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