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Repairing & Replacing Air Conditioning Systems in Brooklyn 

When homeowners are ready to replace their old air conditioners with newer, more energy-efficient models, they know Brooklyn Queens HVAC is the team to trust for quality solutions. Our fully licensed and insured professionals are committed to delivering the best possible services to ensure an optimal cooling experience. We’re also ready at all hours of the day to provide fast and affordable AC repairs. 

Call our Queens AC repair and installation experts at (718) 649-9000 or contact us online for a free estimate! 

Maximize AC Comfort with Humidifiers 

Contrary to common conceptions, the use of humidifiers isn’t just for the colder months. This is because air conditioners can actually make the air inside a home too dry. By using a humidifier in the summer, the air inside a home keeps the air cool and properly dampened. There are several additional benefits of combining a whole-home humidifier with an AC system, including moister skin, hydrated nasal passages, and relief from the symptoms of seasonal allergies. 

What’s Causing My AC to Malfunction?

Troubleshooting a problematic air conditioner can be challenging without the assistance of a skilled HVAC technician. This is because the issue often lies beneath the surface. Discovering the source of the problem frequently requires specialist knowledge and the use of professional equipment. 

Common causes of AC problems include: 

  • An inadequate amount of refrigerant 
  • Faulty capacitors 
  • Dirty coils 
  • Broken compressor 
  • Malfunctioning condenser fan
  • Blocked condensation pan 
  • Failing thermostat 
  • Clogged air filter
  • Bad electrical connections 

When a person is left scratching their head because their AC won’t turn on, is blowing warm air, has limited airflow, or any other issue it’s time to call in a professional. A knowledgeable technician can provide a quick and accurate diagnosis and advise on the best possible solution.  

Imagine Your Home at the Perfect Temp

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When to Replace an Air Conditioning System 

As an AC system gets older, its mechanical parts will wear down and eventually break. Sometimes these parts become unavailable or obsolete. When it’s no longer possible to replace a broken part, it’s time to get a new AC. More often, however, an air conditioner requires a replacement because it has become less efficient, causing both decreased comfort and higher energy bills. 

Additional indicators that it may be time to replace an AC include: 

  • The AC is over 12 years old 
  • The system frequently breaks down
  • The air conditioner can’t provide enough cool air 
  • The cost to cool a home is too much
  • The AC leaves the house with uneven temperatures

To discover whether an AC should be repaired or replaced, call our skilled professionals at Brooklyn Queens HVAC. We can provide a free estimate on a powerful system that meets your needs and budget. Alternatively, if the AC unit can be fixed, we can perform the necessary repairs and have it back up and running in no time – there’s no job too big or small! 

Contact our AC repair and installation specialists today at (718) 649-9000 to get an experienced tech heading your way. 

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